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Our Approach

Cram strongly believes in a person-centred approach that puts the person with a disability at the centre of decision making concerning the supports they choose in order that they can achieve their full potential. Our philosophy is that we will provide a service 'with' you, rather than the traditional system based model of providing a service 'to' you.

We are flexible and will be guided by your needs and preferences and respond accordingly.

We value your skills and experience and understand that you have expert knowledge about your support needs. We will listen to your ideas and suggestions and collaborate with you to build a plan that works for you and your family.

We will come to you. We can visit you at home, work or other place of your choice

We work together with you and other service providers to design a holistic plan that complements your existing supports and services.

We can develop support plans and will assist you to track your progress towards identified goals and guide you to apply the right strategies that promote your independence, health and wellbeing

We will work alongside you when looking beyond what is currently available to what might be possible. By focusing on your capacity and recognising that your plans may change over time, we take the view that 'every moment has potential' and that your choice and control over your life is paramount. Your NDIS plan detailing your supports will form the basis of your person centred approach.


Each person with a disability experiences a life of value to themselves and to others.


To provide person-centred services through a range of high quality accommodation, community and individual support services for people who have a disability, are physically or medically frail and who have multiple or complex care support needs.


We believe in recognising and responding to each person’s right to a good life, to gain a sense of self, self-worth and an awareness of being of value to others.